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Self-governing Region: Nitra

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    Technical operator
    Artefactum s.r.o.
    Strieborné jazero 4055, 90301 Senec
    ID No: 46 379 622
    VAT No: 2023352320
    web:     www.artefactum.sk
    e-mail: artefactum@artefactum.sk
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    The aim of this web site is to reach maximal accessibility and usability in accordance to the most of known methods. The web site meets all important rules of accessibility by the method of Blind Friendly Web.
    The whole web is defined in relative units and its content can be easily expanded or reduced with a help of standard tools for web explorers.
    Presentation layout and content are created in a structured language XHTML 1.1. Visual presentation is made with a help of cascade styles (CSS). Using of the cascade styles can be switched off or switched on with a help of the message “Switch off CSS” (In Slovak “ Vypnúť CSS”-this is in the phase of preparation) in the foot of the web site. This functionality needs a permission of cookies in the explorer.
    In the case of any troubles with accessibility of the web content or with its functionality please contact the author.